The Final Countdown: Wedding Week Beauty

In just seven days’ time, you’ll be the centre of attention whether you tend to bask in the spotlight or shy away from it. There’s no shame in wanting to be the best version of yourself, both inside and out. Sometimes the simplest things like self care can be forgotten in the countdown to a wedding. So consider this your beauty checklist for the final week before your big day.

Skincare before your wedding week

1. Don’t do anything at all. Well, resist the urge to subject your skin to anything new. Common wisdom tells us that any fancy new treatments or products you try could cause a negative reaction via breakouts or inflammation. If you do want to start a facial regime or treat any pesky skin ailments, get in touch with a dermatologist three to six months prior to your wedding day. Also test out spray tans in the months prior if you plan on going golden just before your wedding.

2. Hair can be a little more forgiving than skin and it’s easier for a professional to rectify any last minute disasters fast! Keep any tress changes cosmetic. Naturally, we don’t recommend trying a drastic new asymmetrical cut or a perm just before your wedding day. Think more along the lines of tinting for your brows or lashes and colour (if you wish) for your hair. Always do a patch test first. Do these treatments about a week beforehand so the colour has time to settle in but still looks fresh. If you’ve never had your eyebrows professionally shaped, consider it. Good brows can transform a face and make your visage look so much more polished. Do this at least a few days to a week before to let any minor irritation settle down. Then it will be a cinch to simply pluck any strays yourself the morning of your wedding.

3. You can still treat yourself without messing with your skin. Manicures, pedicures and hair masks (ask your stylist what kind would benefit your hair; whether fine, oily, frizzy or dry) are all low-impact options that can be undertaken right up to the wedding day. Book yourself in for a gentle massage (the alone time is a bonus) the day prior too.

4. If you only do one extra thing in the lead up to your wedding day: make it hydration. Carry around a large water bottle. Set a timer on your phone. Buy yourself a soda stream. Add a large ice block and a slice of citrus to your bubbly and pretend you’re staying in a luxury hotel. Explore herbal teas and soothing broths packed with veggies to keep your water intake up too.

Lemon water - what to do before your wedding

5. Beauty really does come from within. You should aim to eat a rainbow of fresh, unprocessed foods all the time, but intentionally avoiding sugary junk in the final week can’t hurt. Skin-loving foods in particular include oily fish such as salmon, avocado and olive oil which possess good fats that make skin glow. Blueberries and broccoli are good sources of healing vitamin C. Tomatoes and walnuts are full of dermatological goodies like lycopene and vitamin E too.

What to do before your wedding - eating healthy with lots of fruit

6. Avoid a puffy face, dark circles, sallow skin and dull eyes in our easiest ever beauty tip: go to bed. No wonder they call it beauty sleep. There are many free apps that help you track your sleep patterns and others that make white noise playlists. Cover up any lights in your bedroom and consider block out blinds. Ensure you have blue light filters on all of your devices a few hours before bedtime: even better, put them down. Take a bath, cuddle with your fiancé/fiancée or spritz some lavender around the room instead. Aim to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day in the seven days before your wedding, if not longer.

What to do before your wedding: Stress less
What to do before your wedding: Get lots of rest

7. Stress less. Honestly, no-one else cares that the napkins are a half-shade different to the tablecloths. Every single person in that backyard, chapel, garden or ballroom will be there to support you and your partner in your future lives. So before you find yourself feeling anxious, carve out time in your schedule to find quiet moments each day. Yoga, anyone?