Designing An Engagement Ring

Sally Rose White Label is a brand that focuses on designing and producing engagement rings that tell a story, define a moment and become part of the wearer. Talented Melbourne-based ring designer, Sally Rose, shares her process and advice on creating unique engagement rings.

Designing An Engagement Ring with Sally Rose White Label

Tell us about your design style. What makes your jewellery unique in the industry?

My design style is best described as 'Modern Vintage’. I create timeless pieces with Vintage elements, so each ring has it's unique tweaks and design features but will also stand the test of time.

I'm different to most other jewellery companies as I'm set up as a studio rather than as a retailer; this offers a more personalised design experience. We also don't mass-produce so every piece is individual to each wearer.

Designing An Engagement Ring with Sally Rose White Label

What is your process of creating the ring from start to finish?

I normally meet with each client and try and gauge the personality/ style of the person we're designing for. The client may have a brief in mind or it may take several appointments of narrowing it down. I'll start off by sourcing an array of stones to view and will sketch some concept designs. Then we'll normally narrow it down from there with more design development. Once the designed has been 'signed off on' we hand craft the piece at the workshop here in Melbourne. Then 'voila' one incredible, unique piece to adore and wear!

For someone looking for less trendy pieces and more timeless pieces, what kind of ring would you suggest?

Like fashion, Jewellery has it's trends. Whether it be design styles, stone shapes or colours. Whilst social platforms are an incredible source of inspiration it can also be incredibly overwhelming. I advise making a consultation and actually sitting down, trying on some different styles and looking at different stones then you can really suss out what suits you and your personality. The most simple designs can be the most beautiful, it's all in the details and craftsmanship.

Designing An Engagement Ring with Sally Rose White Label

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I look to art, film, architecture and music for design inspiration, this is a result of my upbringing as well as my Visual Arts Degree where I majored in Sculpture. I'm heavily influenced by the Art Nouveau and Deco period, the detail is so intricately beautiful and this is generally incorporated into most designs, even if it's a simple solitaire ring.

What key piece of advice would you have for someone who is looking to choose an engagement ring for their partner?

Be informed but don't over research it. You'll kill the romance of such a momentous experience.

What is your favourite piece you’ve created, and what made it so special?

I have many! It sounds cheesy but I put a tiny piece of myself into each piece, they're all my babies.

Sally Rose is a bespoke Jewellery Designer based on the picturesque coast of the Mornington Peninsula, Australia. She creates exquisite and unique lifetime jewellery pieces that reflect the individuality of each wearer and infuses their vision into the design. All pieces are designed and made in Melbourne. For more information, visit her website.