How To Choose Your Perfect Wedding Flowers

Guest writer, Nikki Yazxhi, editor and creator of Bella Mumma talks wedding flowers in this article, from setting a budget to choosing the floral style.

You’ve got your venue, dress and hair and make-up sorted, now here’s how to choose your perfect wedding flowers...

How To Choose Your Perfect Wedding Flowers

1. Choose your bridesmaid’s dresses before you even start thinking about flowers. The shape, style and colour of the dresses (including yours) play a big role in flower choice and style.

How To Choose Your Perfect Wedding Flowers

2. Set a budget. If have a vision 100’s and 1000’s of peonies everywhere and you only have $2000 to spend, it’s completely unrealistic. Break down the flowers into sections: Bridal, Ceremony and Reception, then figure out how much you would like to spend on each. (Remember the most important flowers are the brides as she’ll be the one looking at the photos in 20 years’ time.)

3. Make sure the style of flowers you want is going to suit the theme of your wedding. If you’re having a Black Tie wedding and you want jam jars filled with field flowers, it’s going to be a contradiction, and it won’t set the scene for your wedding.

4. Check what flowers are in season – there’s nothing worse than having your heart set on tulips when you’re getting married in December or wanting Gardenias and your weddings in July, (hello budget blowout).

5. Choose your florist and schedule an appointment to discuss your flowers, and most importantly, book in your date to avoid disappointment. Some of the best florists can be booked out years in advance for the peak wedding season period which is late October to early April.