An Experts Guide To Creating A Luxury Wedding

From the decadent decor, to the incredible style, Hyatt Regency Sydney is the place to be if you are planning an elegant and grand wedding. We recently chatted with Wedding Stylist Noel Nassar, a frequent stylists at Hyatt Regency Sydney, about creating your dream wedding.

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About Hyatt Regency Sydney

'Hyatt Regency Sydney is a premium waterside wedding venue, located in Sydney's Darling Harbour. The venue and event spaces are ultra-modern in design, flexible and unique - which makes Hyatt Regency Sydney an ideal venue for potential couples.

What do you love about Hyatt Regency Sydney for a wedding?

Hyatt Regency Sydney offers premium, diverse and outstanding menu options for couples to choose from, which is very important. It is key to work with a wedding team that is not only professional and knowledgeable, but also sensitive to the needs of the couple. From our experience, the wedding team at Hyatt Regency Sydney know exactly how to make clients feel special.'

What are Your Key styling tips for creating a luxury wedding?

'Firstly, lighting is so important in setting the mood and tone of the wedding! Ensure you consider this when budgeting for your styling. Secondly, always work with suppliers who come highly recommended, who are reliable and can deliver without any compromise. This brings me onto the final tip, which is look into sourcing a Wedding Stylist who can alleviate you from the planning stress and help bring to life your ultimate luxurious wedding.'


What do you believe makes a wedding luxurious?

'This would be a combination of four very important points which are...'


'Attention to detail is so important and never goes unnoticed. When working with a Wedding Stylist, this should be a key focus. Details will truly make your wedding day luxurious.'


'The stationery that is incorporated into your wedding reception adds a personal touch but can accentuate and compliment the styling.'


'Making sure the stunning florals, mood lighting, luxe linen, charger plates, crockery and furnishing suit your style. This can really make a difference to the overall look and feel you want to create for your guests'


'To make your wedding stand out, it is important to think outside the box when it comes to design. Work with a Wedding Stylist who can help develop and execute design concepts that best suit you mas a couple.'


What is Your First Question for couples when styling their dream wedding?

'What is one image that best represents your style and aura as a couple? This image helps me when thinking about how best to design the couples dream wedding.'

What is your favourite colour scheme to work with?

'I really believe there is no one colour or combination that works best. At Noel Nassar events, we deliver weddings that are perfectly suited to our clients taste and style. We pride ourselves on having no two events that look alike. The clients we attract tend to want to be unique and different.'

What is your Current favourite styling trend?

'If our clients love it then it is trending. Some of our favourite styling themes have been the geometric & future lines and monochromatic design.'

To Create a luxury feel to a wedding, what type of décor and light do you recommend?

'The décor has to suit the overall look and theme of the wedding. As a designer, we love to work with premium suppliers that can assist in bringing our vision to life. With lighting, there are a few tips. Up-lighting and pin spotting guest tables, the bridal table and dance floor can create not only a romantic feel, but also illuminate key décor and floral features. To accentuate the overall look and feel, it’s all in the details. Incorporate luxurious custom menus, table numbers, place cards and guest seating charts.


Images by Image Haus Photography

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