10 Unique Hen’s Day Ideas

When it comes to hens day ideas, there are ‘oh so’ many to choose from! From a weekend away to a luxurious pamper session in the city, the details of the day should reflect the bride-to-be’s unique personality and style. So we’ve come up with a list of ideas that are just that extra bit special, with a splash of luxury, of course!

1. For the no fuss bride

Why did it take so long for the bottomless brunch trend to take over Australia? Food, drinks, sunshine, good company: what’s not to love about this relaxed, low-organisation option? It’s now easy to find bottomless brunches with unlimited mimosas, bellinis, spritz and/or Champagne in most major cities.

10 Unique Hen’s Day Ideas - brunch

2. For the party-going bride

With the multiple generations typically found at hen’s parties, not everyone will want to go club-hopping. But there is a way to dress up and dance in relative privacy. There are places that help you to produce your own group music video. Think cheesy 80s in neon lycra or choose to recreate a song from the bride-to-be’s favourite boy band.

3. For the chilled-out bride

You could book a standard massage day at the spa, or you could go to new extremes. Have you heard of sensory deprivation? Hire out a whole studio of isolation pods exclusively for your party and float your way to bliss, before meeting up to chat about your experiences over herbal tea and bubbles in your fluffy robes.

4. For the unconventional bride

Is your bride-to-be a self confessed foodie? Why not book a cooking class in her favourite cuisine before settling down to a sumptuous lunch? Or if she’s a fan of the sea, take a group sailing lesson and learn how to literally tie knots before you tie the knot! Then leave it to the crew as you sail off into the sunset with Champagne in hand.

10 Unique Hen’s Day Ideas - sailing
10 Unique Hen’s Day Ideas - brunch

5. For the connoisseur bride

A cocktail-making class at any old bar is pretty standard hen’s party fare. And why should the guests do all the work, just to have a tipple? Instead, you could arrange a mixologist to create a custom, multi-course cocktail degustation in the comfort of your own space, themed to the bride’s favourite places, memories or flavours.

6. or the nature-loving bride

Glamour + camping = glamping. Think luxury yurts, tents and tee-pees in a country field with the bohemian styling of glittery scatter cushions and woven rugs. Just add lawn games like croquet, star-gazing and mulled wine by an open fire once night falls. Take it to next level and hire yourself a glamp-site “butler” for the weekend keep the fire tended, set up your accommodations and keep the cocktails coming.

10 Unique Hen’s Day Ideas - glamping

7. For the bookworm bride

Bring her favourite stories to life simply by taking a guided tour. Does she like reading gothic novels? Try a ghost tour. What about historical tomes (or romance)? Look up your nearest heritage estate. A mystery buff? Perhaps a murder mystery night suits. Does she read cookbooks like bedtime stories? Go foraging for found ingredients with an expert guide.  

8. For the health-conscious bride

Though the bride might be happy to run a quick half marathon for fun, great aunt Bess might not be up for it. Instead try a healthy, all-natural spa day. As a group, learn how to make scrubs, masks and hair treatments from all organic ingredients. Remember to keep the freshly squeezed juice bar topped up: those who aren’t so virtuous can turn theirs into a twist on the Bloody Mary.

9. For the fancy bride

If your hen appreciates the finer things in life, perhaps a perfume making class is in order. Fragrance has a fascinating history to uncover, is often essential to making memories and you could even end up helping her to create a signature scent to wear on her wedding day or for bonbonniere gifts. The best part just might be that everyone gets to take home something beautiful that suits them perfectly.