Perfectly Suited: How to Dress for Your Big Day

It’s not all about the bride and her dress on the lead up to a wedding. The groom can have fun styling himself for the big day too. Even within the traditions of the three-piece suit, the dress code, and the wedding's location, there are so ways the groom can make the look his own. Whether you're throwing a formal or outdoor wedding, here are three tips to help you feel like you on one of the biggest days of your life...

Perfectly Suited: How to Dress for Your Big Day, Suits & Styling

1. Choose your style

Dressing sharp on your wedding day is a sign of respect, not just to your partner but to all your guests sharing this special occasion. Dressing sharp is equally important for your wedding photos, remember the photos of your wedding day will last a lifetime so looking your best is not only important to you, but your bride too.  You’ll also need to choose a sharp style, here are the traditional examples...

Perfectly Suited: How to Dress for Your Big Day, Suits & Styling

Black Tie: Tuxedo, tie, leather shoes, are all required elements. Trimmer tailoring is stylish, but if a classic cut is more flattering on you, go for what works best for your frame. Taller, leaner guys may want a double- breasted jacket a broader look. Add your own accessories, cuff links, ties, pocket squares, just be sure the details coordinate with your bride.

Creative Black Tie: This has all the attributes of wedding formalwear, but with a bit of an edge. Show some of your personality by trying a shorter pants length or skipping the socks.

Classic Suit: A well-tailored dress suit is perfect for a semiformal wedding. Choose dark for evening and winter, or lighter tones for daytime and warmer times of the year.  A vest (in a three-piece suit) turns up the formality factor. Finish your look with a bow or long tie—for long, the rule is to match the tie's widest point with that of your lapel.

Casual Suit: Beach, garden, backyard wedding? Getting married outdoors makes the wardrobe choices a lot easier. A relaxed-cut linen or cotton-silk suit, or a blazer-pant combo, tie optional, all look great but don't throw the rules out completely! Just remember your outfit should coordinate with your bride’s look in fabric, texture, or colour.

Perfectly Suited: How to Dress for Your Big Day, Suits & Styling

2. Get your look early

Another tip for the groom before his wedding day is to begin preparations at least a couple of months before the big day. The two main reasons for this:

You’ll save money – especially if you’re having a custom suit made. If you leave it to the last minute, the tailor will have to make the work a priority over others causing overtime costs and possible mistakes from a rushed order. All of which can be easily avoided with some upfront planning.

You’ll avoid stress – There is enough stress you deal with during your wedding, don’t make your outfit one of them. Choosing and buying your outfit a few months ahead will go a long way in reducing stress.

Perfectly Suited: How to Dress for Your Big Day, Suits & Styling

3. Practice wearing your suit

Now that you have your outfit, practice wearing it. Wear it around the house to get comfortable with it on, just be careful not to damage it. If you buy a new pair of shoes for your wedding also ensure that you break these in prior. There’s nothing worse than sore, uncomfortable feet, especially on your big day!