Groom for Improvement: The Wedding Countdown

Guest writer, Nikki Yazxhi, editor and creator of Bella Mumma shares some ‘Manscaping’ tips for grooms before their big wedding day.

When it comes to the getting-ready wedding day process, people are quick to assume we're talking about the bride. The groom's is too! They don't call it grooming for nothing! We've compiled the ‘man-tenance’ must-do tips for getting ready for his big day....

Groom for Improvement: The 'Manscaping' Wedding Countdown

6 MONTHS BEFORE: If you're not already cleansing and moisturising your skin daily, then start now. For help reducing shine, redness, or acne, consult 
a dermatologist or facialist and get started on a targeted skincare regimen. If under-eye circles are an issue, practice applying a little concealer to help camouflage them.

3 MONTHS BEFORE: If you don't already have
 a signature scent, take the time to find one. It's a scent that you'll always associate with your wedding, so make sure you choose well.

2 MONTHS BEFORE: Are you planning on growing a beard, or will you keep your complexion clean-shaven? Or do you look best three days post-shave? Take note of the ideal timing to achieve your wedding day facial hair look, then factor that into your grooming plan.

3 WEEKS BEFORE: You're going to be smiling a whole lot, so now's the time to take steps to ensure your teeth are looking their finest. Start using a whitening toothpaste to bleach away yellowing. Then, a week before the wedding, make time to see your dentist for a cleaning.

2 WEEKS BEFORE: See your barber for a final trim, but remind him you don't want to take too much off two weeks before the wedding. While you're there, make sure to purchase your regular styling product so you have sufficient for your big day and the honeymoon.

Do you need to wax your back
 or shoulders (think honeymoon!)? Is your neckline tidy? Are your sideburns symmetrical? Do your brows need a tidy? Take care of these details now.

3 DAYS BEFORE: Tidy up those nails—both fingers and toes. Specially designed manicures and pedicure for men treat dry skin and cuticles (you want your hands to be ring-ready) and include relaxing paraffin treatments.

1 DAY BEFORE: Get ready for lots of hand-shaking, smiling, hugging, and that one special kiss. That means making sure you have all your wedding-day necessities, including sunscreen, mouthwash, breath mints, hand cream, and, of course, lip balm.