Hyatt Hotel Canberra

Susan & Neil

This is truly one of those spectacular love stories. And it all starts just after high school when Susan began dating Neil for a couple of years. But as it happens, they drifted apart, as kids do, and spent the better part of 20 years circling each other, staying in touch, but never anything more until the Gunning Fireworks Festival 2015…

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They were messing around getting matching (spray on) tattoos , enjoying the evening immensely when it suddenly occurred to Neil that there was nothing he wanted more than to spend the rest of his life laughing and having adventures with Susan. For all those who know Neil, this was his “light-bulb” moment, but even Susan thinks he took FAR too long to work it out! Many agree saying that it took them forever to realise that they were meant for each other. But this is a love that has taken its time, and it is richer, more rock solid and full of zest as a result!

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So even though Susan & Neil have been technically together for roughly 3 years now, due to the love their share, they honestly feel like they’ve been together for several lifetimes. For Susan, he is the boy she fell in love with 20 odd years ago and the man of her dreams now. When she is with him she can be herself and breathe - life is a daring adventure! And for Neil, she is the one that nearly got away, but he got his chance and then finally she was his! In his eyes, she is a true beauty, both inside and out. 

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They are so perfect for each other, that they can truly be themselves and have so much fun almost every single day. A couple of years ago, one such silly situation occurred when they were mucking around and play fighting one morning when Susan said, "I love you THIS MUCH!" and went to blow a raspberry on Neil’s stomach. He moved, she slipped and ended up head-butting his stomach (rather hard). Now it is their tradition - it's a head butt of love! More recently, while they were making their wedding plans they started to discuss how "the kiss" should look, so Neil grabbed Susan, dipped her and started kissing, continuing to dip her until he lay her on the ground, kissing her the entire way. When they both stopped laughing, Susan informed Neil that if he tried that with her wedding dress, he was a dead man walking! (We’re pretty sure he didn’t take that advice as we have photographic evidence from their day below!)

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Neil proposed in early February 2017 and it was more or less one from out of the movies! He’d planned it for months, booked a little table at a place called “Le Bistro”. During the night, sometime between entree and dessert, he very romantically got down on one knee and asked that very important question. The whole restaurant went quiet and then broke out in applause! 

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And for their wedding day, they kept it simple, but meaningful, with words spoken as a part of their vows that were very moving. They also included a handfasting ceremony as a perfect way to celebrate their two families joining as one. We spent a little time with them at the Hyatt and into Lennox Gardens where the cherry blossoms were in full bloom…

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Supplier List

Photographers: Mark Jennaway & Alex Orme @ Timeless Creations
Ceremony: Hyatt Hotel Canberra
Photo Locations: Hyatt Hotel, Lennox Gardens, Nara Peace Park
Makeup & Hairstyling: The Blush Boutique
Flowers: Bloomin’ Flowers
Celebrant: Donna Butler - Celebration Marriage Celebrant
Cake: Canberra Cake Boutique
Live Music: Bill Olsen